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Strengthens the joints
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Discover our Joint Formula Collagen from June Laboratoire, specially designed to target the needs of the elderly by providing optimal support for joints, cartilage and ligaments.

Duration of treatment: 25 days | Shelf life: 24 months

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Discover June's collagen joint formula

How to regain mobility despite the progression of osteoarthritis?

From the age of 25, our natural production of collagen decreases, which can affect the health of our joints by reducing flexibility and increasing the risk of pain and discomfort. To preserve the mobility and flexibility of your joints in the long term, it is essential to start a course of our Collagen Joint Formula from June Laboratoire, specially designed to strengthen connective tissues, stimulate cartilage regeneration and improve the overall health of your joints. joints.

Prevents the progression of osteoarthritis

Prevents the progression of osteoarthritis by promoting the synthesis of new cartilage tissue, strengthening joint structures and reducing inflammation, helping to protect joints from the wear and tear associated with osteoarthritis.

Helps restore mobility

The regeneration aid allows for a significant reduction in friction at the joint junctions, thus providing an essential improvement in mobility for the elderly. Rediscover the pleasure of walking.

Reduces joint inflammation

The glucosamine and chondroitin present in the formula help reduce inflammation by promoting the synthesis of anti-inflammatory molecules in the cartilage tissues, inhibiting the enzymes responsible for cartilage degradation.

Why June Laboratoire and not another?

Why choose the joint formula from June Laboratoire?

Marine collagen, in combination with glucosamine and chondroitin, stimulates cartilage regeneration, strengthens connective tissues and reduces joint inflammation, providing lasting pain relief. The presence of vitamin C ensures better absorption of nutrients and promotes the production of collagen, thus contributing to the overall health of joints and ligaments.

It is a unique formula on the market for which we filed the patent.

Our Collagen Joint Formula stands out for its superior quality and uncompromising formulation, guaranteeing optimal assimilation of the active ingredients for concrete results. With this formula adapted to the specific needs of the elderly, you will regain regained mobility and better joint flexibility, allowing you to fully enjoy each day without annoying pain.

Our Marine Collagen is carefully produced in our laboratories, from deep-sea fish, tilapia, guaranteeing exceptional purity. The hydrolyzed collagen type I and type II peptides for this formula, with a molecular weight of 2000 daltons, allow optimal absorption for visible results.

Ingredients: Marine collagen type I and type II, Glucosamine, Chondroitin and vitamin C.